Sunday, March 19, 2017

An independent variable is the variable that is intentionally changed to observe its effect on the dependent variable. The independent variable in the experiment was the surface the robot moved on. The surfaces I used were carpet,tile, and blacktop so, I did 3 runs. The surface changed on each one.

A dependent variable is the event expected to change when the independent variable is changed in an experiment. The dependent variable in this experiment was the speed of the robot. The speed of the robot was different on each run because, on each run their was a different surface.

A controlled variable is a variable that never changes in an experiment. Some of the controlled variables in my experiment were the robot I used to do the experiment, the program that the robot did, and the Ipad I used to time the robot.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Sensabot Challange

This is my code. the first block means go forward 3.5 wheel rotations.This block is called the medium motor. The second block means to raise the arm of the robot and then lower the arm back down.The block we used for that is the moving steer. That same pattern 3 times and then we had to make the robot go backwards. we made it go backwards 12 wheel was a challenge but a fun one.

We encountered many problems. One of them was we saw the robot moving to the side as well as forward. It was only supposed to go straight forward but it was moving to the side a little. We saw that there was a little wheel to make the robot turn. but no turning was needed. So we needed to center that little wheel. We just turned it forward and it was fixed! We didnt have much problems. In fact that was the only one!

Monday, October 5, 2015

To be a good digital citizen means to not commit playdrisim and do not cyber bully. also don't post personal stuff on the internet.